Welcome to BloqBall - The Fantom DeFi Lotto with $FTM staking rewards!

To give you the best experience, BloqBall is built on Fantom Blockchain, the fastest blockchain with the lowest transaction fees. Transactions will be confirmed within a second for a fraction of cent.

Please note that none of this is financial advice. You should do your due diligence to become an informed investor by doing your own research, coming to your own conclusions, and taking note of the risks and responsibilities associated with using BloqBall.

DeFi is still a new technology that's evolving day by day. We all try to do our best to bring you the most secure platforms - but as in any new technology there could be errors. Please be aware of that.

We are available on Twitter and Discord to answer any of your questions, so please reach out if they're not answered here.

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