FTM Rewards (Exclusive)

What is the FTM Rewards system, how does it work?

Bloq Ball has a dual reward feature for BQB staking, to reward the top 100 stakeholders or BQB token. The platform has a fee structure of 1% across all transactions and 100% of this FTM fee will be rewarded to the top 100 stakers of BQB staking pool. The top 10 BQB holders will be rewarded with 40% of the total FTM-allocation collected (will be distributed proportionally). The next 40 will get 35% of the FTM-allocation and the next 50 users will get 25%. To get FTM staking rewards, you need to be in the top 100 holders of BQB. The more BQB hold, the more you earn. Note that FTM rewards are a bonus - you are earning it along with your BQB rewards - because our BQB staking pool has double rewards.

How can I start earning FTM rewards?

It is really easy. Go to the staking page and stake your BQB tokens to the pool. If you do not have BQB tokens, go to our swap page and buy BQB tokens. Then visit the staking page again and add your BQB tokens to the pool. You will start earning in FTM and BQB once that is done and your rewards will be shown in the staking page. You can harvest your rewards any time you want or add it back to the staking pool and earn even more rewards.

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