How do I buy tickets to participate in the BloqBall Lotto?

Here's how to play the BloqBall Lotto!

BloqBall is built on the Fantom blockchain because of its lightning-fast transactions and low transaction fees. To start, you need to setup Fantom Opera on your Metamask. Once that is done, you can swap your FTM to get BQB and use this BQB to buy tickets, by visiting the BUY TICKETS page, the link can be found in the Lotto menu. There is a daily lotto and weekly bumper lotto. One user can buy any number of tickets. One ticket costs 50 BQB. Bumper weekly lotto ticket (which will be started a few weeks after launch) costs 200 BQB. More details can be found on the Buy Tickets page. Tickets are created and sent to your wallets as NFT tokens.

How to check the results and claim your winnings?

Our daily lotto results would be drawn at 23:59:59 GMT+5:00 time every day. You can visit the Results page to check results and connect your wallet to see if you have won. If you are a winner, simply click on the CLAIM WINNINGS button to get your prizes withdrawn to your wallets.

What is the prize/winnings structure of BloqBall Lotto?

At BloqBall 100% of the prize pool is distributed among winners. The platform or developers do not take any percentage or fee from transactions. 50% of the prize pool is allocated for the first prize, 25% for the second, 15% and 10% for 3rd and 4th respectively. If more than one winners are there in any section, the prize amount will be shared equally among all winners in that section. If no winners are there in any section, 75% of that amount is rolled over to the next draw, and 25% added to the prize reserve.

What is Prize Reserve?

To make sure there is an attractive prize to win every day, we have locked in 10M BQB into the smart contracts, of which 15K BQB will be added to the daily winnings pool if the roll over from previous day is less than 25k BQB. So every day you have enough BQB to win! The same for weekly bumper is 30k BQB if the roll over from previous Lotto is less than 50k BQB.

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