How to use BloqBall on Phone? Play Swap Farm Stake on Mobile Now

Now with MetaMask App and its dapp browser is being on mobile, using BloqBall on mobile devices is super easy.

Now you can use BloqBall on your mobile devices too.

Step 1: Got to and install the MetaMask app on your phone (they have apps ready for both iOS and Android devices) - make sure you go to their official website first and install from there - so many fake apps there

Step 2: Create an account or import or sync with your desktop account (options are there in your MetaMask app)

Step 3: Setup Fantom Opera Network there, just like you do on Desktop. You can find instructions here.

Step 4: Click on the MENU bar on your MetaMask app and click on Browser. Open the browser and type the url - there you go 😊

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