BQB Tokenomics

$BQB is the native token of BloqBall. You will need BQB to play the Lotto game and also to earn farming and staking rewards. Here's the details of BQB tokenomics.

In short this is our Tokenomics: >> 100% of the fees generated on the platform is distributed to the users/players. >> 99% of the total supply is allocated for the community and all the tokens created per block are sent to community members, no tokens per block is allocated for developers >> 1% of the total supply is allocated for developers and vested over 50 long months

Maximum Total Supply: 1 Billion BQB.

99% of the total supply and 100% of the fee goes to the community. By far, BloqBall is the only project that's truly community oriented.

Initial mint 10M ~ 1% of the total supply.

600K BQB is reserved for participants of the Fair Launch. It is done as a 'Liquidity Generation Event' to make sure all the benefits of the BQB token goes to the community in a fair manner.

500k is added to the BQB-FTM LP pair on SpiritSwap & BloqBall LP (50% to each), and the balance BQB tokens is reserved for PR, bounties, audit, social media and marketing purposes.

Lotto Prize Reserve

On deployment 10M BQB tokens will be minted, added and locked as the prize reserve in the lotto contract to provide for the the lotto prize amount, every day. A maximum of 15000 BQB tokens are added to the daily prize pool if the total of the prize pool is below 25000 BQB. If no winners are found in any section in the lotto, that is rolled over to prize reserve and next lotto.

10 BQB tokens are created per block during the first 7 days and 1 BQB per block after that; for the existing farming and staking pools. Tokens are minted to reward until it reaches total maximum supply. No tokens minted per block is given to the dev/team, 100% of it is going to the community.

60% of the tokens created per block goes to farming (FTM-BQB farmers) and 40% goes to stakers of BQB (in the staking section) - *this ratio will be changed later on when more farming and staking pair is added to the platform.

Exclusive FTM rewards for users

BloqBall will be the only DeFi that'll send double rewards for staking (one in FTM and one in BQB) to its users. The platform has a fee of 1% on all transactions across the entire platform and this will be sent to users as staking rewards. Please note that FTM rewards are only given to the top 100 stakers of BQB - so increase your staking and reach to the top 100. Stake more, benefit more :)

Monthly rewards for the most active community members on Discord

To encourage the community to be more active in BloqBall's community and help each other, we've added a 50K BQB token reserve. This 50k will be added to the staking pool and every month, on the same day, 10% of the total (rewards + the initial 50K BQB) will be split equally to the top 30 members on BloqBall's Discord server. You can check the current ranking HERE.

How's the developers supported?

10 M tokens (1% of supply) is locked in the contract and vested to the team/dev over a period of 50 months. 2% of the locked-tokens (200K BQB) will be released every month, as a salary. Only 1% of the supply is allocated to the dev/team the remaining 99% is allocated for the Fantom community. This is to ensure that the developers team will have to work well and add more amazing features to the platform and also work to grow the community; because only then the value of BQB will have a steady growth which will have the fiat value of this monthly salary increase. At the time of deployment the value of this developer share will be minimal and the team will have to give its best to push BloqBall to greater heights to add more value to BQB token and to make what they get every month more valuable. So it’s a win-win for the team and the project.

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